This is the homepage of the DeCloudr API. This will allow you to issue read only commands that will output as JSON which can then be used on your website / service. The DeCloudr API also interacts seamlessly with jQuery!

To use the API, follow these steps!

  • Copy this code and place it before the closing </head> tag of your website / project
    function getDeCloudr(e,t){httpRequest=new XMLHttpRequest;httpRequest.onreadystatechange=function(){if(httpRequest.readyState===4){if(httpRequest.status===200){t(JSON.parse(httpRequest.responseText))}}};httpRequest.open("GET"," http://api.decloudr.com/public/"+e);httpRequest.send()}
  • Run This Example To Confirm Everything Is Working. Run Example!
    getDeCloudr("hello/world", function (json) {
  • Click here for a list of commands you can use. Reveal